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After guiding Mosquito Lagoon and it’s headwater Ponce Inlet for almost 15 years, Capt. Billy enjoys his career more than ever. Guiding more than 200 days a year, the vast majority of his customers are repeat clients and have become good friends. He always welcomes new clients and truly enjoys sharing the experience.

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Entering Peak Fishing Season

Mid August brings some of the hottest weather of the year to our hemisphere but it also brings some incredible fishing. Both inshore and nearshore fishing in the Daytona Beach, Ponce Inlet, New Smyrna Beach and Mosquito Lagoon area are entering their peak seasons. Big bull redfish are arriving in large numbers and joining the…

  • Capt. Billy Rotne
  • August 24, 2020
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ponce inlet redfish

Weather &. Fishing Getting Hotter

As the weather gets hotter, so does the fishing! August is a month of mixed emotions, one of great fishing, while simultaneously dodging tropical systems, something anyone on the east coast of the US can relate to! Tarpon and bull redfish are abundant and offering some of the best opportunities of the year. Jack crevalle…

  • Capt. Billy Rotne
  • August 7, 2020
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red fishing

Red Fishing Remains Steady

Great fishing continues as we enter the tail end of July. Fishing for big reds has been a consistent option with almost every trip producing several trophy class fish. This pattern should remain steady through the end of summer and fall as more and more fish move towards Ponce Inlet and New Smyrna Beach. Tarpon…

  • Capt. Billy Rotne
  • July 22, 2020
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big jack

Outstanding Fishing in Ponce Inlet

As we enter the middle of summer, the fishing continues to be outstanding on almost every trip in the Ponce Inlet area. Calm, sunny mornings followed by the chance of an afternoon thunderstorm has become a near daily occurrence here in central Florida. Midsummer heat has transitioned our focus to mainly using the bay boat…

  • Capt. Billy Rotne
  • July 10, 2020
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bull redfish

Looking Forward to July Fishing!

The fishing the past week in the Ponce Inlet Florida area has continued to be outstanding, with big bull redfish on almost every trip and tarpon on most days that we could target them. As weather patterns settle into summer smoothness, the fishing should continue to be great and with even more predictably good weather…

  • Capt. Billy Rotne
  • July 2, 2020
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bull redfish

June Fishing Continues to be Great!

Despite some cloudy and rainy days, June is shaping up to be an amazing fishing month in Mosquito Lagoon and Ponce Inlet. We have landed a couple dozen huge reds this past week alone with some tarpon and sea trout. Big bull redfish have been the main focus of our inshore trips and have been…

  • Capt. Billy Rotne
  • June 17, 2020
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Great Fishing from Nearshore to Back Country

Great June fishing! June is turning out to be a great month for fishing so far in the Ponce Inlet area. Opportunities for many different species are becoming a daily occurrence. As these first tropical systems have now passed by, we will hopefully enter the summer time lull with great weather nearly every morning and…

  • Capt. Billy Rotne
  • June 10, 2020
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mosquito lagoon redfish

Getting into June Fishing

This past week has been challenging weather wise with the start of our rainy season and a couple tropical waves which subsequently turned into land falling tropical systems in the Carolinas, but the fishing has remained good. We have been catching a lot of fish in both the bay boat and the skiffs. In the…

  • Capt. Billy Rotne
  • June 2, 2020
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